Tropical Treatment :: Bright Colors & Maxi Skirt

Wearing bright colored tops and maxi skirts always reminds me of a tropical oasis! Maxi skirts are so effortless, and they come in a wonderful variety of colors, cuts, and patterns. They’re easy to throw on over your swim suit bottoms after a day at the beach for a night in the town.

For this outfit I paired a brilliant […]

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THM :: Maxi Dress & Denim Vest

You remember how in my last post I told you about the curlers I had in my hair and the outfit that I picked out that evening because of the meeting that I had to go to for work the next day? Well, here are some photos of that ensemble taken at the office. And it’s at this time […]

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Hang Loose :: Boho Top & Messenger Bag

This is just a simple, casual outfit that I quickly snapped some pictures of this evening after work. I’m really into oversized (aka baggy – though baggy doesn’t sound like such a stylish word now does it?) tops. They’re great for the summer months since they’re not clingy to your skin and they’re usually lightweight. My favorite way to […]

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Who Moved?

The Island’s floating far away,
Am I dreaming or is this real?
I reach for it and long to stand
Once again upon dry land.
But I am moving further still
But wrong direction, can this be real?
Glistening in the distance heights
My Island slowly fades from sight.
Who moved?
Here I am so far away!
Who moved?
The waves they toss me two and fro
But there in the […]

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Breakin’ Out the Boho

It’s time to break out the barefoot sandals and flowy maxi skirts!

Wow, my hair looks really dark in these photos.  Must be the shadows.  My hair usually lightens up during the summer, since I love spending large quantities of time in the sunshine. ;)

My Outfit
Necklace: Handmade gift
Tan Cardigan: Gap (thrifted)
Orange Tank Top: Hollister (thrifted)
Maxi Skirt: Thrifted
Barefoot Sandals: Creations by […]

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Freebird :: Update & Outfit

It’s amazing how much your life can change in just one year.
Last year at this time I was volunteering regularly at my church and at the local crisis pregnancy center. I was living at home with my family, running a successful business, and blogging 4-5 times a week.
I love my life right now. I can’t think of a time […]

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Winter to Summer :: Casual Chevron & Pop of Color

Wow. So I just found these photos that I took back in February that I haven’t posted yet. How shameful.
I do remember taking these photos though. It was bitterly cold out that day; if you look closely you can see the sleet that was raining down upon me and my lovely photographer. ;)
Even though I wore this in the […]

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The Master’s Commission :: Maxi Skirt & Statement Necklace

My t-shirt says, “Groundzero. The Master’s Commission. To know Him and to make Him known.

In this life on earth, the greatest achievement that we could gain would be to know Christ. To know His voice, to know how He operates. To be able to recognize His hand in our lives.  Yet it doesn’t stop there. So often we can […]

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Lawrenceburg :: Summer Dress & Sandals

Lawrenceburg, TN – the birthplace of Davy Crockett.

When road tripping I like wearing a simple, no-fuss outfit that’s cute and practical at the same time.  Summer dresses are perfect for such occasions!
A tip for wearing summer dresses (most of you probably do this already) is to wear some lightweight shorts underneath. I’m much more confident wearing summer dresses when […]

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Relaxation in a Jar Review

This review is long since overdue, but I am excited to share with you some lovely, natural bath and body products that I have been enjoying.  Relaxation in a Jar is a locally owned business that specializes in natural, gourmet spa products. I’ve been using these products for about two months now and they keep really well, since they […]

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